Government Shutdown effect on Gold and Silver Prices

Gold and silver prices have been boosted by the threat of possible Government shutdown.  The Federal Government is set to shut down Friday midnight if no deal can be made on the budget.  This might actually happen from all the news that I have read.  They appear to unable to reach an agreement and I read comments that some felt they were closer last night then they are this morning.  Clearly signs of no where close.  A Government shut down will really effect U.S. economic recovery in jeopardy.  I think at this point with the dropping U.S. Dollar the substantial damage has already been done even if they reach an agreement in the 11th hours.  Although this matter is not the only issue driving aggressive precious metal buying, it is a key component.  If the Government actually closes on Friday night, gold and silver investors may be in for some serious fireworks on Monday morning when the market opens.  Both Gold and Silver are holding their record prices.  You can lock in low above spot at APMEX today and you may see some huge gains before you even receive your bullion from them.  You can check out all the available APMEX promo codes and coupons for additional savings.

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